Time Chart
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In Heaven with Jesus & Father
1000 year cool down for the Earth
Creation #2
Honeymoon with the Bride
Rough places made Unburied recently killed 1000 year of Sabbath rest for the Earth.
plain, valleys exalted, Tares and Wheat Rev 20:4 Desends from Heaven satan goes IN the Earth They go UP to the New
mountains made low & (Sheep and Goats) Rev 21 quarters, to deceive City to conquer it.
the crooked straight. Are separated Jesus our Groom will serve us at the wedding. With all the Saints Gog & Magog
 'Rapture' Ish 40:3 Luke 12:36-38 and a new petting zoo. Rev 20:7-8 They encircle it God kills satan's new God's White Throne
Regeneration Have you; Isaiah 11:7, 65:25 Rev 20:9 unglorified demonic Rev 20:11-15
Tares Harvested Wheat Harvested of celestial bodies only. All elements melt with Fed, watered, clothed All sinful humanity spirit army with fire. Saints judge others with
144,000 Ride upon the Tares Wheat walk on their ashes, (Mal 4) All the dead in Christ, fervent heat.     2 Pet 3:10 sheltered, visited the satan is loosed from the  'not in Christ', are Rev 20:9 the Queen of the south Lake Of Fire
killing as they go, then Gather them and wash feet in their blood. (Ps 68) then all the unburied sick and imprisoned? pit after 1000 years resurrected in spirit and the men of Ninevah. Rev 20:12-15 New Era
into bundles to burn them to ashes. Tares and Wheat. Not possible with Rev 20:1-3 ON the Earth. Twice dead plucked up satan is cast alive into Matt 12:41-42 Eternal bliss and ecstasy
Sun, Stars & Moon are Matt 13:24-30 & :37-43 With thine eyes, you shall see the nuclear weapons. Go ye out into darkness Rev 20:5 Joel 1:12 fire lake, where the We judge sinners and Only those found Rebuilding and tending the garden
darkened BEFORE the Close your doors, wait and hide a reward of the wicked.   Ps 91:8 Days are shortened All is accomplished with of hell and wait 1000 yrs beast & false prophet are those who never heard guity, go therein. Everyday glorious worship    Ish 66:23
day of the Lord. little while, till the indignation pass. for the Elect from the Fathers glory decent. until 2nd resurrection. Rev 20:10 of Jesus or Father. Year to year, month to month, sabbath to sabbath
Joel 2, Matt 24, Mark13, Ish13 Ish 26:20-21,  (Passover repeated) My leaness, my leaness. We all melting of all elements If it were a black & white Last in are Seasons & days are relative in the celestial.
click above link fade as a leaf.   Ish 24:15-16, Ish 64:1-9 Liquified Earth melts & issue, no Judge would Death & Hell again Removal of the curse of time and heat. Rev 7:16
All the stars disappear beast and false prophet destroyed We will bow our heads and give Thou Fool ! wobbles like a drunkard be needed. banished of Eden Consider the Bose-Einstein Condensate Theory
as a scroll is rolled up. 2 Thes 2:8, Rev 19:20 up the Ghost to our terrestial. Flesh and Blood cannot Ish 24:19-20
  Ish 34:4 enter the Kingdom of God
Celestial Wars and rumors Jesus thrusts the 1st sickle in. Angel thrusts the 2nd sickle in. A seed must die 1st. The mountains flow down
Bodies pestilence & famine With a Great NOISE Reaping the wicked FROM the just. Stingless death of Saints out of trib. Each man is appointed at thy presence.
8th Day earthquakes, volcanos 2 Pet 3:10 Rev 14:16 Rev 14:18 death, then judgment. Ish 64:1-3
Death, Hell with accelerated birth pangs "I gather the Tares First" See Blood Lake 1 Cor 15:35-36, Heb 9:27
time & heat                      Terrestial Bodies Matt 24  
were created see matrix see matrix