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SEALS S White Horse Red Horse Black Horse Pale Horse Slain Souls Earthquake, Moon & Sun To Black Four Winds Were Held S
He had a crown and bow He take peace from Earth He had a pair of balances  His name was Death Under the alter came a cry; Moon became blood. Stars 1/2 hour silence
sent forth to conquer and was given a great sword. A measure of wheat a penny Hell followed him. "How long oh Lord till you like figs fell to Earth, heavens After trib. Saint's prayer opon ALTER
  That men should kill each Barley for three pennies; Kills 25% of men with avenge our death?"  Wait rolled up like a scroll.  Every I gather Fire from ALTER was cast to
  each other. But hurt not the oil & wine. Sword, Hunger & beasts. till you brethren die like you. mountain & Isle moved. Men My Elect Earth.Voices and storm heard
    Crop & Drinking issues   They were given white robes. hid in caves. "The day of Lord from Four Smoke Ascended up to God.
  (blood spills)     (144,000) wrath is come !" Winds  
6:2 6:4 See Also SJ4                   6:5 See J4                            6:8 See B5                                 6:9 See BJE6                      6:12 Matt 24:29 See All 7's & F7              8:1
TRUMPETS T Hail, Fire, Mingled with Blood Fiery Mountain Cast to Sea Wormwood Burning Star Falls On Sun, Moon  & Stars Darkened Angel Star Falls to Earth Four Killing Angels In  Euphrates Mystery of God Is Finished T
Fall to earth 33% Sea into blood 33% Rivers & Fountains 33% Sun, Moon & Stars "He" opens the bottomless pit Voice from 4 horn of God's Time is stopped 10:6
33% Trees burn up 33% Sea Life Died Waters became bitter were darkened The Sun, Air are darkened via ALTER which is before Him The dead judged & rewarded
100% Grass burn up 33% Ships destroyed   33% of day & night the smoke. Death flees men. 33% of men are slain 144,000 Voices, thunders, lightnings
      were darkened Locust emerge & hurt only  200 million use fire,smoke & marked &  (Behold, I show you a Mystery,
Rains Blood (Asteroid)     the unsealed for 5 months. sulfur to kill 33% of men. ride on we awake at the Last Trumpet
(click above link)         prepared (1hr,31day,1yr). the tares       1 cor 15:51)
See F1                            8:7 8:8 See F3                          8:10 8:12 9:1 See F6                           9:13 Joel 2 See All 7's    10:7 & 11:15,19
VIALS V Sores Blood In Sea Blood In Rivers & Fountains Sun Scorches Men Darkness On satan's Kingdom Euphrates Dries Up It Is Done V
Noisome & Grievous As of a dead man's blood Became as blood Sun & Moon hotter, Ish 30:26 Gnawed their tongues Way of the Eastern Kings is "Behold I Voices, thunders, lightnings
On Men with the Mark   Angel of the Waters (minus 33% darker = 4.6 hotter) Blasphemed God prepared. 3 evil spirits like come & earthquake, Earth divided
and who worshiped the beast Every soul died in sea Says, "They shed the blood (see Dan 3:19) Sore Pains frogs, go out to decieve quickly as in 3 parts. All islands fled
    of saints and prophets Women go bald and burned Repented not the nations. "He" Jesus  a Thief" away. Mountains melded.
    give them blood to drink. Blasphemed God   gathers them for God's Battle (not yet) 100lb hail on blasphemers.
16:2 See F2                           16:3 See F3                           16:4 16:8 16:10 Euphrates                    16:12 16:15 See All 7's                   16:17
Poured On Earth Poured On Sea Poured On Rivers Poured On Space Poured On Kingdom Poured On Euphrates Poured Into The Air
  Pit beast ascends at 6,6,6 step Tares Party Dan 12:12
W 2 Witnesses Begin Plagues>   2 Witnesses dead 3.5 days 2 Go Up "Blessed is he that waits till" W
Free copies located at: 7.1 Months 7.1 Months 7.1 Months 7.1 Months 7.1 Months 7.1 Mon = 3.5yrs, 1290 Days 45 Days 1335th Day    
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Jesus' Birth B Wise Men Star Seen Herod & Jerusalem Troubled Joseph Warned Slain Children Herod Dies Out Of Egypt B
These two came from the Which was in the East Due to the prophecy Told to flee into Egypt, until Herod (the beast) killed men Dies with 2 eclipses & worms "Out of Egypt, I call my Son"  
East with gifts and prophecy.     Herod dies. with a sword Angel sends them home ! Hosea 11:1  
          (after 3.5 years, suspected) They dwelt in Nazareth  
(2 Witnesses)     When You See _ flee to MT. Matt24 He wore out and killed saints of God 666 Destroyed by His bright coming  
        Dan 7, Matt 24 2 Thes 2:8 "Come out of her…"  Rev18:4-8
See W1                    Matt 2:1 See T2                             2:2 2:3 2:13 See S5                          2:16 See S1                          2:19 See All 7's            2:23&":15"
Jesus' Signs J Water Into Wine Healing Nobleman's Son Angel Troubles Water Feeds 5000 Walking On Water Blind Lazarus Resurrected J
Wine = blood in communion 7hrs later sickness stopped For the sick 200 pennies worth of Barley Strong Wind Blew on water Jesus Heals a man of Jesus' last miracle
Wine = blood in God's wrath     2 fishes (33% sea life dead) Jesus got in the boat Darkness Lord Cried with a loud voice
poured out without mixture     Hunger People on the other side Man could not see "Come Forth !"
Wine = blood in the winepress       could not get in the boat   Rapture at the last trumpet
            1 cor 15:51
See ET1                   John 2:1 See E1                          4:46 See STV3                        5:1 See SJF4,S3                    6:1 See EF5                        6:16 See SE6                          9:1 See STVE7                    11:1
Exodus E Water Into Blood Frogs Lice Flies Disease Boils Hail Fire Locust Darkness 1st Born Killed, Jews Raptured From Egypt E
Blood Water Carcasses were gathered As dust Grievous Swarm cows, ox on man On Man East wind blew them in Thick Darkness God will kill all the 1st born
7 Days Later It Stopped in heaps and stank. On Men Corrupted the land donkeys on beast On Beast Arrived in morning They could feel it again.  Those that are not
    On beast   horse   Herb/Tree Caused Darkness Men could not see each other 2nd born again.
Moses & Aaron 7:1       sheep   Those In All green plants and trees die. Hebrews Had Light With those resurrected on
2 Witnesses Begin Plagues (see Tares and Wheat)     camels   the field   3 days the Last Day.
See FJT1                       7:14 See T2                             8:1 8:16 See F3,V1                     8:20 F3      9:1 See V1,V5                       9:8 SeeT1,V4 See TJF5                       10:1 See STV6,VT5,T4         10:21 See STVJ7           11:1/12:36
  Condense Pests 10 steps - 3 = 7 steps    
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FLOOD F Rain Started All Men Died Waters Prevailed Feeds Animals Wind Blew Noah Was In The Ark Till Noah Built An ALTER F
Fall to earth All Flesh Died In The Sea All on Land Died Scholars Estimate Wind on water 13.8 Months Clean birds & animals
    All cattle as well 2000-35,000 animals could fit God Remembered Noah (1hr, 1 day, 1 month, 1 yr) were sacrificed on ALTER
7 Days Later It Stopped   Noah & Family Survived I suspect it was 5000 All Animals on BOAT Water DRIES UP (The Bride's 2nd Sicle)
    Fountains, Rain & Window     3 Birds Go out God Was Pleased
  (No mention, yet blood was in sea) Stopped  (8:2 Lateral) (No mention, yet animals were fed)   (Vs. 3 evil spirits)  
See TE1                         7:11 See TV2                         7:21 See E3.5                       7:23 See J4                           N/A See J5                             8:1 See TV6                        8:13 See S7                          8:20
THUNDERS  (A Personal Interpretation) H Sickness Pests Famine Beasts Kill Man Cannibalism Sea Dried Up Unburied Carcases H
All Manner of Disease All Manner of Pests No food or Cattle Beasts Bite & Persue Parents Eat Their Children He dries the great deep sea Lay Upon The ALTER
Fever, Consumption, Scab, (click above link)   (click above link) (click above link) (click above link) (click above link) (click above link)
Itch, Botch, emerods,            
Inflammation, Burning, Mildew            
Free copies located at: Sword    See SV1         Deut 28:22,27 See E2,2.5,3        Deut 28:12 See S3            Deut 28:16-20 See SF4          Amos 5:18-20 See TV5                         N/A See SVF6                      N/A See All 7's                      N/A
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